Frequently Asked Questions

Can we pick up our order on weekends?

Yes, if you have placed an order on a weekday, you can schedule a pick up on weekend between 10:00am & 3:00pm.

Do you sell used dock plates?

Yes, we do sell used products.

Do you offer a warranty on your products?

Yes we offer a 1 year warranty for dock plate product and 2 years for fork lift extensions

Do you accept VISA credit card?

Yes, we accept Visa, along with other credit cards & debit

How much will shipping cost me ?

The shipping charge will depend on the distance of Your location from our offices. Within the GTA shipping charges are $40-$50 for smaller products (this is not for a complete skid )

Do you provide shipping in Montreal?

Yes we provide shipping all over Canada. Shipping charges depend upon your location.

What size fork extension will I need for my forklift?

For fork extensions, you need to measure the width of your forks on your forklifts.This is how it works: If the width of the forks are 4″, always go for 5″ fork extensions. Because the extensions are thick and they will easily fit on the forks of your forklift. For a better understanding you can also watch our video “Which size fork extensions to buy?

Do you provide repair services if our product breaks?

Yes we provide repair services for products.

Are you willing to exchange my old dock plate with a new one at a larger size?

Yes, we are always open to trading products.

Can we exchange equipment with other sizes or dimensions?

Yes, If any size doesn’t fit your needs you can exchange it with other sizes.

Can we return equipment ?

Yes, you can return equipment (A restocking fee may apply).

Do you buy used products?

Yes we buy used products that are in good condition, please fill in our Sell your products form

Do you offer Leasing options?

Yes we do provide Leasing options. Please fill in the form (link to Leasing Form)

Do you give products after installation?

Products that need installation are provided with and without installations, but locally. Dock plates and dock boards are shipped assembled.

Do you do business outside Toronto?

Yes, Nationwide across Canada and USA. We provide pick-up , shipping and the drop shipping of our products.