Dock Plates, Boards & Ramps

  • Aluminium dock board for forklift use with 15,000 lb capacity | Mr Dock Plate $1,299.99$1,899.99

    Aluminum Dock Board for Forklift use with 15, 000 LB


    Aluminium Dock Board provides strong bridge between your loading dock and truck. These can be used with heavy machines, forklifts to load and unload products. Perfect for shipping/receiving to seamlessly bridge the gap to make the loading time efficient and easy. Not just it helps in bridging the gap it also helps eliminate the height difference between your truck and your loading dock. Thus, making it an ideal option for your warehouse loading/ unloading needs.

    Features of Aluminium Dock Board:

    • High grade aluminium “diamond deck” material
    • Side Bars for safety on both sides and yellow highlighter
    • These is accommodated with 7″ – 12″ of legs
    • Also comes with Chain to easily move around in warehouse
  • Aluminium Dock Plate for pallet jack, dolly or hand cart use | Mr Dock Plate $339.99$599.99

    Aluminum Dock Plate for light duty work


    Aluminium Dock plates are popular products in Industry and commonly found in every warehouse and store. It is used to cover the difference between dock and trailer. It makes loading and unloading easy and fast by bridging the gap and height between the loading dock and truck or van. They come with handles that enables moving it around easily and being light weight makes it even easier. Checker top makes it anti-slip and highlighters on the sides  provides guidelines to operate the plate safely.

    It is to be used with hand, platform or pallet trucks only. Not to be used with forklifts.

    Features for Aluminium Dock Plate:

    • High grade aluminium  dock plate with “diamond deck” material on the top surface
    • Aluminium dock  plate comes with handles for easy movement of dock plate


  • $1,699.99$1,899.99

    Container Ramp Heavy Duty | Ground Level Container


    Heavy Duty Container Ramp is a loading ramp used to load and unload products in and out of a container placed on ground. The lip of the container sits anywhere 3″-6″ higher than the ground which doesn’t allow a forklift or pallet jack to go in and out of the container. It comes with Checker top and handles or chain to move it around with your forklift. It comes in different sizes and capacities.


  • $1,150.00

    Poly Container Ramp| Ground Level Ramp


    Poly Container Ramp is designed to allow access into standard shipping containers on the ground level. Easy to store and assemble making it one person operation. Being Poly in nature, it reduces noise to 90% than any other regular container ramp

    Specifications on Container Ramp:

    Dimensions: 86.61″ W X 49.21″ L x 6.29″ H

    Capacity: 10,000 KG / 22,000 LB

    Weight of the Unit: 120 KG /264 LB


  • $999.99$1,599.99

    Steel Dock Board with handles & Side curbs 13,000 LBs Capacity


    Steel dock board for heavy duty work. USE WITH FORKLIFT, PALLET JACK, HAND TRUCK, DOLLY, HAND USE.

    ● Anti-skid diamond tread surface.
    ● Welded Steel Curbs, full length hand grip for safety.
    ● Sides painted with yellow color to ensure user is aware of the edge.
    ● Lifting chains and handles included
    ● Easy to use and move around.

  • $1,799.99$2,199.99

    Steel Dock Boards with 20,000 lb capacity


    MrDockplate’s Steel Dock Board with 20,000 lb capacity is a heavy duty dock board for forklift use. Can also be used with Pallet jack, hand truck. It comes with built-in handles to easily move the dock board around in warehouse. The Pins are connected to dock board with chains.


    • Anti-slip diamond tread surface
    • Welded Steel curbs for safety
    • Sides painted with yellow colour to ensure user is aware of the edge.
    • Built-in handles to move dock board
    • Rated for 20,000 lb capacity.