• Aluminium dock board for forklift use with 15,000 lb capacity | Mr Dock Plate $1,299.99$1,899.99

    Aluminum Dock Board for Forklift use with 15, 000 LB


    Aluminium Dock Board provides strong bridge between your loading dock and truck. These can be used with heavy machines, forklifts to load and unload products. Perfect for shipping/receiving to seamlessly bridge the gap to make the loading time efficient and easy. Not just it helps in bridging the gap it also helps eliminate the height difference between your truck and your loading dock. Thus, making it an ideal option for your warehouse loading/ unloading needs.

    Features of Aluminium Dock Board:

    • High grade aluminium “diamond deck” material
    • Side Bars for safety on both sides and yellow highlighter
    • These is accommodated with 7″ – 12″ of legs
    • Also comes with Chain to easily move around in warehouse