Steel Dock Boards

  • $999.99$1,599.99

    Steel Dock Board with handles & Side curbs 13,000 LBs Capacity


    Steel dock board for heavy duty work. USE WITH FORKLIFT, PALLET JACK, HAND TRUCK, DOLLY, HAND USE.

    ● Anti-skid diamond tread surface.
    ● Welded Steel Curbs, full length hand grip for safety.
    ● Sides painted with yellow color to ensure user is aware of the edge.
    ● Lifting chains and handles included
    ● Easy to use and move around.

  • $1,799.99$2,199.99

    Steel Dock Boards with 20,000 lb capacity


    MrDockplate’s Steel Dock Board with 20,000 lb capacity is a heavy duty dock board for forklift use. Can also be used with Pallet jack, hand truck. It comes with built-in handles to easily move the dock board around in warehouse. The Pins are connected to dock board with chains.


    • Anti-slip diamond tread surface
    • Welded Steel curbs for safety
    • Sides painted with yellow colour to ensure user is aware of the edge.
    • Built-in handles to move dock board
    • Rated for 20,000 lb capacity.