Hydraulic Stacker

  • $1,399.99

    PMD HANDSTK: Hydraulic Stacker (MOBILE) with 2,200 LBs Capacity


    Hydraulic Stackers are the latest invention under pump trucks. These are used to lift the pallets up to a certain height that pump truck can not do. These are used for multiple purposes like stacking the skids on racks, moving skids at a level above the ground and many more. These comes with strong hydraulic pump feature that raise the skid faster than a normal pump truck.


    • Capacity:2,200 LBs
    • Height Lowered:3″
    • Height Raised:63″
    • Fork length:35
    • Adjustable fork width (1807.79 max)
    • Complete length: 57.08″
    • Complete width: 55.46″
    • Complete height: 82.67″
    • Net weight: 694.45 LBs