Container Ramp Heavy Duty | Ground Level Container


Heavy Duty Container Ramp is a loading ramp used to load and unload products in and out of a container placed on ground. The lip of the container sits anywhere 3″-6″ higher than the ground which doesn’t allow a forklift or pallet jack to go in and out of the container. It comes with Checker top and handles or chain to move it around with your forklift. It comes in different sizes and capacities.


Model Size Capacity Price Add to Cart
Pcr.01.container.ramp 49.l.x.88.58.w.x.5.9.h $1,249.99
Pcr.03.container.ramp 50.l.x.86.61.w.x.5.9.h $1,199.99
Pcr.02.container.ramp 68.l.x.88.53.w.x.6.h $1,349.99
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