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Forklift Extensions | Available In Different Sizes


These forklift fork extenders are constructed of heavy duty welded steel for strength.

    • High tensile grade steel restraining strap prevents the extensions from sliding off the forks.
    • Zinc coating for corrosion protection.
    • Extensions can be used with a maximum lift truck fork thickness of 2″.
    • Slides easily onto existing forks.
    • Sold in pairs.
    • Thickness 6 mm


Model Width Length Fits Price Add to Cart
Fork796 7inch 96inch 5.75.to.6.50.wide.forks $549.99
Fork784 7inch 84inch 5.75.to.6.50.wide.forks $499.99
Fork772 7inch 72inch 5.75.to.6.50.wide.forks $429.99
Fork760 7inch 60inch 5.75.to.6.50.wide.forks $379.99

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Fork696 6inch 96inch 4.75.to.5.50.wide.forks $499.99
Fork684 6inch 84inch 4.75.to.5.50.wide.forks $419.99
Fork672 6inch 72inch 4.75.to.5.50.wide.forks $369.99
Fork660 6inch 60inch 4.75.to.5.50.wide.forks $329.99

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Fork596 5inch 96inch 4.to.4.50.wide.forks $419.99
Fork584 5inch 84inch 4.to.4.50.wide.forks $399.99
Fork572 5inch 72inch 4.to.4.50.wide.forks $329.99
Fork560 5inch 60inch 4.to.4.50.wide.forks $279.99

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