• Standard Pallet Jack - 5,500 LB capacity $299.99

    27 x 48 Standard Pallet Jack 5,500 LB {DF Pump}


    Also popular with other names like, Pallet jack, pallet truck, jigger, etc.
    These are used to lift and move pallets.


    ● Low Profile, with DF Pump.
    ● Front wheels are mounted inside the end of the forks
    ● The pallet is only lifted enough to clear the floor for subsequent travel.
    ● 3-position hand control – Raise, lower, neutral.
    ● 3″ lowered and 7.5″ raised height.

    ● Foot Lever for quick release.

    ● Profile (2.75″)

    ●  Rubber stoppers under the forks in the front, Rubber handle

    ● Gap between Forks : 14.5″


    • Capacity:5,500 LBS
    • Width: 27″|Length: 48″
    • Weight Of Pump Truck: 153LBS
  • Aluminium Dock Plate for pallet jack, dolly or hand cart use | Mr Dock Plate $339.99$599.99

    Aluminum Dock Plate for light duty work


    Aluminium Dock plates are popular products in Industry and commonly found in every warehouse and store. It is used to cover the difference between dock and trailer. It makes loading and unloading easy and fast by bridging the gap and height between the loading dock and truck or van. They come with handles that enables moving it around easily and being light weight makes it even easier. Checker top makes it anti-slip and highlighters on the sides  provides guidelines to operate the plate safely.

    It is to be used with hand, platform or pallet trucks only. Not to be used with forklifts.

    Features for Aluminium Dock Plate:

    • High grade aluminium  dock plate with “diamond deck” material on the top surface
    • Aluminium dock  plate comes with handles for easy movement of dock plate


  • $999.99$1,599.99

    Steel Dock Board with handles & Side curbs 13,000 LBs Capacity


    Steel dock board for heavy duty work. USE WITH FORKLIFT, PALLET JACK, HAND TRUCK, DOLLY, HAND USE.

    ● Anti-skid diamond tread surface.
    ● Welded Steel Curbs, full length hand grip for safety.
    ● Sides painted with yellow color to ensure user is aware of the edge.
    ● Lifting chains and handles included
    ● Easy to use and move around.

  • MrDockplate's Wheelchair Ramp-Portable $169.99$699.99

    PMD WLCHR: Wheelchair or Scooter Ramp | Portable Ramps


    Portable Wheelchair Ramps / Access Ramp for stairs, minivan, van, car, etc are the most versatile of all wheelchair ramps, come in several designs and many sizes. These ramps are designed to fold in half lengthwise for easy storage and transportation. These are removable wheelchair ramps which can be fixed temporarily with the pins. Made of Aluminium, light weight wheelchair ramp to carry easily.

    Wheelchair Ramp Specifications /Specs:-

    • Easy single person operation.
    • No installation required.
    • Built-in handles make ramp easy to carry.
    • Edge guards for safer use of Wheelchair & mobility scooter.
    • Slip resistant traction surface, weather resistant.
    • Light weight, easy to carry.
    • Steel security pins for anchoring convenience.
    • Ergonomically constructed for indoor and outdoor use.
    • For electric wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs & mobility scooters.
  • $1,999.99

    Electric Pallet Jack 3,300 lb capacity


    Electric Pallet Jack 3,300 lb capacity with 3 hour work capacity. Automatic lift and drive works continuously for 4 hours. Perfect for Dry warehouses, trucks, loading and unloading products.

  • Placeholder $599.99

    Battery for Electric Pallet Jack


    Battery for Electric pallet jack.